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Chris's Bio


I am currently a certified personal trainer, licensed massage therapist & holistic health practitioner. I started my journey at a young age, probably 4, as most do with a keen appetite for nature and the unknown. This was mostly relevent to my extreme love for educating myself in sciences as well as evolutionary history. At the time, I just thought how cool it was to see the progressions of creatures in books. Paleontology, marine biology, and pretty much anything that involved the function of any living or nonliving being soon became my obsessions. Fast forward a bit, put in pretty much any outdoor or indoor form of movement... I have been involved in them all. With specific relevance to sports injuries, I have endured quite a few.

A short list of my recoveries includes: Clavicular dislocation and fracture, three shoulder dislocations, total ankle separation/tear and a short stint of paralysis that caused loss of use from the right side of my neck to my hip.

Christopher Duffey LMT, CPT, HHP