Here are comments from several clients who have come to us:

Chris has an incredibly extensive knowledge of body mechanics and rehab techniques for healing from injury. In only 8 weeks I have relief from chronic sciatic pain I was suffering from for a year and a half. With twice weekly sessions my spine is now in far better alignment and posture normal. His easy going personality, caring sensitvity, and supportive and respectful attitude is always present.

I can highly recommend Chris to anyone who is motivated to improving their body, whether due to injury or simply lack of exercise and knowledge of how to achieve their optimal levels of health.  Jan


I had back issues since I was a kid and no one could really help me figure them out. Chris not only treated the issues but gave me things I should and shouldn't do. This has been really helpful. Tim


I had suffered with sciatica for probably three months. Eventually I caved in and made a massage appointment. This was totally different than anything I have had before. It was not only relaxing but extremely effective at treating the issue I would give it a 9/10 only because he stopped haha. Andrea


I have a history of chronic pain, resulting from having scoliosis, TMJ Disorder, and multiple injuries to my neck, back, and right  shoulder.   In September of '09 I was hit by a  truck and sustained injuries that still affect me to this day.  Over the years I have seen a number of chiropractors and physicians  and none have helped me as quickly as Christopher Duffey.  After my first massage  I was able to get right up out of bed with no discomfort.  It was also the first time in years I feel I slept well through the night, and for me, that's pretty much a miracle.  

I can tell a skilled professional from a mediocre one, and Chris is as skilled as they come.  I was completely impressed with his abilities, and look forward to every time I go see him.   If anyone needs a skilled practitioner to deal with chronic pain issues Chris is who you have to see. Amy

Just recently purchased a coupon three pack from Chris fabulous deal. We worked every week to help me further along my abilities to heal and move. I'll most certainly be back though I wish I could afford to come every week! Sarita

I had just passed through and found the site on google. I was very impressed with the site but the best was a great massage! Elen